NEWS! Currently in the development phase is a MAC Volume Control for Williams/Bally and Chicago Gaming machines.

Welcome to Pinnovators Website!

Welcome to the Pinnovators Website!

Thank you for stopping in! 

What does Pinnovators sell?  Our primary focus is on designing and building headphone kits and subwoofer kits for pinball machines. 

Whether your pinball machines are part of a personal collection or you put them out on location, our products help improve the user experience! 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, hand crafted products direct to pinball enthusiasts!  All of our products are designed, engineered and assembled by us in Massachusetts. If you purchase one of our products and it did not meet your expectations let us know so we can make it right! Our customers are our top priority!

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.  You can either email us or click the Message Us icon.

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Spooky Pinball and American Pinball Compatible Headphone Kits...

Recent Customer Feedback

Regarding our PINsub SPIKE "BOOMsauce!  Such a great little piece of technology that makes a huge impact on my GOTG!  The sound is now theatre quality and enhances the game so much more.  Best upgrade to this game after a shaker motor."

Randy H. 2020/07/02

Regarding our JJP MAC "MUST HAVE MOD. This is the best mod I have ever added to any of my machines. Easy Install and well made.. Wish I had this volume control on all my machines..."

Harry R.

Regarding our PINsub WPC95 "PINsub rocks Monster Bash! This product is simply incredible! The ROI is pretty much unprecedented as for minimal cost and effort (install is literally under 10 minutes) the bass from Monster Bash now fills the room... little details never heard before (like the low end of the spinner rip) are crisp and imposing. Can't recommend this kit enough... I now own eight of them!"

James A.

Regarding our PINsmx "Best invention ever! If you’re looking for a way to connect several pinball machines to a single amp, this is your answer! Great quality unit that is just plug and ply. Very easy instructions for setting up to machine and plugging in. That’s it! Bring your game to life with this wonderful product! "

Jeronimo M.

I just received the PINsub MSPO and installed it in my JJP Hobbit.  What an easy install and great product!  I can’t believe I played the Hobbit without a sub before!

I’ll be ordering more Kits for my other pins!  Thanks again for your support and Happy Thanksgiving!


Regarding our PinPAC 4 and 7 "I purchased your headphone kit for my Medieval Madness remake and liked your version so much that I’m replacing the Stern version on my Ghostbusters and my Pinball Life version that is on my Jurassic Park.  I think what you are doing with your integration is the best implementation.  So, GREAT JOB."


Regarding our PINsub SPIKE "JP2 Subwoofer: Hooked up my Kef sub with this board. Sounds and feels like the Dino is in the room with you."

Paul B.

...the only thing I can say I like more than the kit I bought from you is your customer service!!